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Lovers are not accesories

there is a tendency to over-identify with the things we own.

sometimes people over-identify with their boyfriends/girlfriends.

one must know thyself, love thyself, be at peace with thyself, and the lover must do the same. when this occurs, you may co-exist together as “we”.

but you will not define yourself by them, or over-identify with them. instead you will share your core-self with them, and they will share theirs with you, and you will both provide full love and acceptance for each others core-selves.

Within the core-self is where true, unconditional love resides.

but if you dont know yourself, or aren’t at peace with yourself,

and you define who you are by your “lover”,


It’s like looking in a mirror, hating the way you look, and putting on a mask that instantly makes you much, much more satisfied with yourself. But you’re really just avoiding the true issue- learning how to love and appreciate the natural, physical aspect of who you are. 

So, you dont know or like yourself. You meet someone who somehow makes you feel like you know or like yourself, and then you’re happy because they’re filling a void for you.

… And that’s bad.

Oh ok

I dont like being told what to do cause when people tell me what to do i feel like they think i’m a fool and i want to know why they want me to do what they want me to do. I mean i dont feel angry , its just everytime i am told what to do i feel like i want to do what i feel like doing and then i always hear people talk about the bible and im like No.

"treat people how you want to be treated"

I really hate being nice and respectful to a person and not getting treated that way in return. Especially when it’s in such a way that they are making you feel inferior and/or stupid. Yeah that’s been happening with someone for a while.

But I don’t want to cause drama, and i’m so considerate that I won’t and probably never will say shit about it to her.

Even if I did, they’d be too arrogant to understand.

What the fuck ever !

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